At Collaborative Construction, we know your commercial project is on a tight deadline.  We are here to help make the process quick and easy.  We will work with you to get your project completed both on time and on budget.  Retail space, office space, restaurant, lounge, bar, and anything in between, we can do it all.   We work with Regina’s best contractors to ensure your project is completed smoothly.  More importantly, we’ll have your doors open for business when you need it!

Look through some of our completed work for inspiration and when you’re ready, contact us to get started.


Can I do some of the work myself?2022-10-17T18:31:24+00:00


We are more than happy to collaborate with you (or your friend that owes you a huge favour!)


Two disclaimers here; this will likely have a major impact on our ability to maintain a smooth schedule, and we cannot guarantee the quality of workmanship if we aren’t doing the work.

Please be sure to mention this in our initial consult and proceed at your own risk!

The other general contractor I reached out to can do it for ‘x’ amount. Will you price match?2022-10-17T18:31:25+00:00

In the kindest, most sincere way, our answer to this question is – “Unfortunately, no. We do not price match.” While we recognize we aren’t the only general contractor around, we certainly feel like the full experience, services, and results we deliver merit our cost. We are much more concerned with delivering 100% satisfaction to you than what our competitors are charging.


Let us help you plan, design
and execute your renovation dreams.

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