Secondary Income – Why You Should Build A Secondary Suite

With employment uncertainties rising, we have recently been getting more inquiries about secondary suites or “basement suites”. We wanted to take the time to touch on a few key points that have been highlighted by some of our very own clients. Income: The income from a secondary suite is a great way to offse [...]

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The Collaborative Construction Pivot

As Collaborative Construction enters Phase 3 of the COVID Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, we are optimistic.  Many small businesses are opening this week.  Open houses have begun to relax some of their restrictions and we are excited to see what the future holds for Regina as a whole, and specifically the constru [...]

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5 Things To Consider Before Beginning Your Renovation!

With everyone at home, we are sure people are sitting around wondering if there is anything they can do to their home to make it more esthetically pleasing or more efficient.  Or maybe its just time for a change.  We have put together a quick guide to follow before entering the reno world.  Whether it be DIY [...]

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