I honestly don’t think I could be happier with my extensive main floor reno. Not only is the finished project all I hoped for, the entire project was actually fun. They started and finished on time and there was someone here working every day. They were neat, very willing to listen to my ideas, and just all around nice guys. I trusted them in my house when I wasn’t home. Don’t get me wrong, I was glad when it was finished, but I missed the hubbub and the excitement of how things would change that day. It was fascinating to me. Almost as good as having a lovely, modern new kitchen and living area is the value of my house has gone up considerably. I had my house appraised before and again after and the value went up pretty well the full amount of the reno. No point in doing renos before selling, I can enjoy my new place for years before selling. I would not hesitate to recommend Collab to anyone interested in a change, whether big or small. I also would be happy to hire them again should I decide to renovate a condo in years to come. My son and daughter-in-law hired Collab as well and they had the same experience. It was that positive experience that prompted me to hire them. Highly recommend this fine company.